Why Nimiq is the Next Big Thing

So Simple Your Grandma Can Use It

Computers are still hard for a large part of the population, we all know a relative who can’t connect his printer to save his life or for whom compressing a file is a challenge in itself.

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As of today cryptocurrencies are considered a complicated thing to deal with by the mainstream, user interfaces are obscure and the process of acquiring, storing and using a cryptocurrency is spread between multiple applications and interfaces requiring a lot of prior knowledge to grasp.

Nimiq is the only crypto among thousands that was designed specifically to be approachable and inclusive while not compromising on decentralization. Here you can buy your first NIM, store them on your own wallet (remember: “not your keys, not your coins”) and use them in one single environment.

Instead of building something and trying to make it accessible in the aftermath, Team Nimiq went with the opposite philosophy: let’s try to build something accessible and develop the technology which will power it.

However if you think Nimiq is not cutting-edge as a result you could not be more wrong. Unlike many “all show, no substance” projects which are just barely modified forks, Nimiq was built from scratch by its team.

The ecosystem is built on what could be defined as 3 pillars:

  • Browser Friendliness
  • Instant Transactions
  • Easy Onboarding

Nimiq is browser native

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As you can see in this picture, Nimiq nodes can run directly in your Chrome, Brave or Firefox browser. That’s right not a single other cryptocurrency currently allows you to do that. Beyond the cool factor of connecting directly to a blockchain network by simply visiting a web page, this means that Nimiq can be integrated in any website 2.0 by just copy pasting a few lines of JS:

<script src="https://cdn.nimiq.com/latest/nimiq.js"></script>
Nimiq.load().then(async function() {

// Configure for Testnet. For Mainnet, use main().

// Instantiate a config builder.
const configBuilder = Nimiq.Client.Configuration.builder();

// Create a client based on your configuration,
// it will automatically connect to the network.
const client = configBuilder.instantiateClient();

Oh and don’t worry about your private key, it’s securely stored in your browser by something called “Nimiq Keyguard”. It’s encrypted and never readable by another application.

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This feat makes Nimiq the easiest cryptocurrency to integrate for any web app or online store as of today, there is no need to host a node oruse third-party services if you want to receive payments. This opens an universe of application in payment and can even solve the great sustainability problem of internet micropayments.

Albatross makes Nimiq fly

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Albatross pushes the scalability of Proof-of-Stake consensus to its absolute limit, being able to process more than 1000 transactions per seconds with sub 1 second finality. This means that Nimiq can handle more than twice the load of a payment processor like Paypal and without even needing L2 scaling.

This new consensus method will see its testnet released in the coming weeks with several other new features of the protocol update called Nimiq 2.0, don’t miss it!

OASIS — a Bridge between the Old and New World

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Having all this fancy blockchain tech would already make any other cryptocurrency a gem. But the developers behind Nimiq are uncompromising perfectionists when it comes to ease-of-use and decentralization. Based on this philosophy they came with something even crazier: an atomic swap solution between the legacy banking system and cryptocurrencies.

To explain it simply this means you can directly buy NIM (or BTC) directly from your bank account without having to register through an exchange. With that Nimiq becomes the ultimate platform to onboard new users.

Bonus feature: Cashlinks

Cashlinks are another original invention from Team Nimiq. They allow you to send NIM to someone who doesn’t even have a wallet yet… while being 100% non custodial (which means no one else has access to the funds). It’s almost magic.


Nimiq has even more cool features, applications and original design to discover. If you want to learn more feel free to visit nimiq.com and join the community on Telegram or Discord.

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